About Us

Dbar-Innovations was established in 1999. The Dbar-Innovations team has been involved with process improvements since 1982. They designed hundreds of deployment solutions to help their clients be robust against the many challenges that can significantly limit deployment and project success.

To best serve its customers they realized they must first understand and eliminate the various deployment and infrastructure issues. The issues were typically clear with a little digging. To summaries, Champions and Project Leaders trained to the same body of knowledge approached projects completely different. Each Champion and Project Leader’s workflow varied significantly between other Champions and Project Leaders and even within themselves. In addition, a high level of variation was observed when using a variety of analytical tools, and particularly when interpreting results. This is very dangerous because poor decisions come as a result of poor interpretations. One of the largest observed problems is related to project selection. Far too many projects are launched that end up being put on hold or cancelled. An equal number of projects were completed but have provided little or no measurable impact on the businesses key measures.

In conclusion, every potential cause of project and deployment failure has been analyzed and where possible, controls were put in place to eliminate the fail mode. As a result, synergy between all levels of the organization was obtained. Management enjoys a high return on their investment and as a result they continue to invest in their project teams. Project teams are well supported, prepared, and clear on their expectations, so they deliver a high return on investment. This synergy cycle is the key to long term success.

Since the launch of Dbar-Innovations, we’ve successfully led 39 full Company Wide Deployments, participated in over 17,000 process improvement projects, and trained thousands of process improvement leaders.

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1-10 employees

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