About Us

Delta ModTech is a manufacturing solutions company with 30 years of mechanical, electrical and software engineering experience in designing and building specialty web converting and packaging machinery, RFID, print finishing equipment, and custom automation machinery. We help product experts, including scientists, engineers and inventors create the web converting machines and manufacturing processes to bring their products to market.

Our countless years of process knowledge ensure a robust and efficient solution for the manufacturing of your product. We have established ourselves as Masters in Motion™ due to our expertise in servo motion control, mechanical design and software development.

“Mod-Tech” is short for the modular technology used in our designs. Each machine is built using Delta ModTech® modules that fit together in a unique fashion, making our machines versatile, yet stable and dependable. We were the first in the industry to create these modular systems and continue to lead the field.

Our modules are proven solutions. They are developed and previously tested, to ensure quality performance for full-time manufacturing. Ultimately, we deliver our customers with a machine that performs in a way that they customers hadn’t believed possible when they first approached us about the job.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence