About Us

☛ Are You a Business Owner/Executive Looking To:

★ Create a Protected Ecosystem of Buyers Who Get To Like, Know and Trust You Quickly
★ Have More Control Over Your Customer Traffic Engagement To Grow Revenues & Profits
★ Reduce Your Advertising Costs & Get Non-Buy-Now Prospects Into Your Automated Sales Funnel Quickly
★ Quickly Escape The Commodity Trap & Stop Competing on Price Losers
★ Stay Connected With Your Audience To Educate Them and Gain Top of Mind Awareness
★ Get Cash Advances From Your Clients & Not From Preying Loan Shark Companies
★ Run Your Business Without Stress & Anxiety, No More Cash Flow Roller Coasters
★ Automate, Pre-Frame & Drive Massive Customer Traffic to Your Offers

☛ If you are, then you'll be very impressed with the OUTRAGEOUS and EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES we use at Denkya to turn prospects into clients, and clients into fanatics. We help your business transcend the commodity trap, increase profits & become a category of ONE company. If we don't get you the desired results... WE SIMPLY DON'T GET PAID. YOU DON'T PAY A RED CENT. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

☛ Industries We Serve:

★ The Automotive Industry
★ The Restaurant Industry
★ The Floral Industry
★ Chiropractors and Dentists
★ The Beauty Industry
★ Others...

☛ Companies hire me for 3 reasons:

1- I help them take control of their customer traffic so that they can grow their revenues and profits
2- I help them automate The Lead Generation & Conversion into sales
3- I help them get closer to their clients and create a special relationship

☛ Any business can have a greater impact on the lives of its clients, employees & owners. It's a Win-Win-Win for all if the business can transcend the commodity trap.

If you want to take your business to a level where you can control your customer traffic & determine your profits, then contact me @ 917-650-7925.

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Carlos Roche
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Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence