About Us

Are you having difficulty sustaining your business? Do you have underutilized capacity for further growth?

Digital Spark Marketing is here to help businesses regain a competitive edge and to provide the capabilities for future business growth.

We define growth capability components as customer focus, creative marketing, adaptability and innovation, and your team. It takes all components to drive growth and we have the skills to provide assistance in each area. We add value in problem understanding, marketing campaign design, designing changes for market trends, and team training. Our engagements can be simple consulting and advisement, to more complex marketing campaign design.

Our mission is to measurably improve our client’s growth and bottom line by bringing focus and improvements in:
 Customer insights, customer experience, and customer service
 Breadth and effectiveness of marketing campaigns
 Inspiring your staff’s creativity and teamwork
 Your innovation in adapting to marketplace change

Be sure and follow our blog where there is a new short blog with creative tips every other day on one of the four capabilities you'll need for growth.

Business size

1-10 employees

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