About Us

Dishizzle is a new, fun, and simple website which solves the common problem when dining out: "What should I order?" or "What is good here?"

Dishizzle is not your ordinary restaurant review website. Knowing where to eat is only half the battle, the important half is what to order. Dishizzle provides a collection of information, photos, reviews, and ratings all about the dishes on the menu. The reviews are dish-centric and not about the restaurant's appearance, waiter's attitude, or the menu's font size. It should be all about the food -- and it is!

Find out where the best meals are in town, from sushi to sandwiches, unknown eateries, even search for what you are craving for, and let the Dishizzle community help you find which restaurant makes it the best. Our goal is to unite foodies to share their knowledge of food and critique dishes from restaurants.

Kicking off in our home town, San Diego! We will then be expanding to other cities as foodies unite!

Business size

1-10 employees


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