About Us

The Dizzler Playable Media Search Engine (“Dizzler”) is a technology developed, owned and operated by IDV8, Inc. (“IDV8”), a privately held corporation headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Dizzler provides an easy way for users to both find and enjoy an unlimited supply of music, videos, and other multimedia content in a single, fun and safe environment. Dizzler’s intuitive, interactive playable media search technology combines a multitude of proprietary search algorithms, dynamic spidering and indexing functionality and embeddable flash player software. The technology scans the open web to identify and classify multimedia files, encrypts the pathways to these files and stores them in a searchable database. When a user conducts a multi-media search, the media is streamed from the third party host site without requiring the user to download or otherwise take the file to enjoy it.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence