About Us

Riddled with blasphemy and a humble (but vicious) sense of humor, Double Feature is an experiment in film watching. The show is available weekly on iTunes, and provided free of charge. Each episode, hosts Eric Thirteen and Michael Koester cover two movies using the best tools at their disposal: blasphemy, skepticism, dirty words and bloodlust.

The central idea Double Feature obsesses over is accessibility. Film examination isn’t a very accessible thing, but maybe it should be. There’s so much more to get out of a movie than two hours of entertainment. The conversations you have afterward can stay with you, can even change who you are. Double Feature believes these conversations shouldn’t just be for genre buffs. Anyone can do it, and this little show is proof.

Many of the movies covered have only limited cult appeal. One of the truly unique things about the the show is the intent focus on finding the positive aspects of every last movie covered. The internet is full of people giving pros and cons, or tearing apart movies. Criticism seems like the default. It’s easy to be against everything; Double Feature strives to be for something.


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1-10 employees


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