About Us

Since 1972, Duncan Worldwide has helped smart people work smarter. Integrating best-in-class diagnostics, training programs, and coaching solutions, Duncan Worldwide cultivates high-engagement, high-accountability work cultures where individuals and teams produce impressive results, not excuses.

Founder and CEO Rodger Dean Duncan (Ph.D. Purdue University) and the Duncan Worldwide team continue to lead organizations into the future with leading-edge thinking around assessing, improving, and sustaining the performance results that people value most.

With innovations such as Change-Friendly®, Duncan Worldwide breaks through where others remain stuck. The company has earned an impressive track record in working with high tech firms, airlines, drug companies, food manufacturers, utilities, more than half of North America’s nuclear power plants, and cabinet officers in two White House administrations.

Get unstuck. Team up with Duncan Worldwide to transform your good intentions into great results.

To contact Rodger Dean Duncan, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Duncan Worldwide, e-mail rdd@duncanworldwide.com

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence