About Us

Providing superior solutions to all of your bike parking needs. Dura Bike Locker offers top quality bike lockers, bike racks, as well as motorcycle lockers, and storage solutions. We have been in business for 19 years manufacturing, distributing, and installing our bike lockers. Our galvanized stainless steel lockers grant you the piece of mind that your bike will remain safe from any possible danger. The solid steel construction design that we use creates a strong durable quality product, but simple to assemble anywhere with just a few hand tools.
Our lockers aren't just for bikes either!! Our new motorcycle locker also doubles as a small storage unit the perfect size to fit in a parking space a great solution for that extra storage space you've been missing. A strong reliable, eco friendly product made in the USA, a Dura Bike Locker is a exceptionally well crafted product that you can place confidence in for years.

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