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Mr. Bateman leads EAF LLC, consulting in business analytics (including machine learning), strategy, market analysis, and tech due diligence, having over 30 years int'l experience, as well as developing syndicated research and writing for trade press.. He graduated in ChE w/Special Honors from the Univ. of Colo., later Certs in Quality Mgmt., Strategic Planning, Game Theory, Cryptography, Strategy Development, Competitive Strategy, and Finance (CU, Caltech, Stanford, Stanford MOOCs, Wash. Univ. in St. Louis, LMU Munich and UC Irvine MOOCs, resp.).

After 10 years in govt. R&D (Deputy Director, Nat'l Meas. Lab,US DoC NIST, Chief, Chemical Eng. Division, NIST), Mr. Bateman helped several start-ups, then 13 years with Laird (VP of strategic markets & marketing). His experience includes Statistics, Machine Learning, Electronics, Automotive, Antennas/RF; Strategy, Bus. Dev., and Product Dev. He has received 18 patents in Chemical Instruments, Antennas, and RF Design.

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