About Us

Eandi Law Group is committed to the protection and growth of our clients by providing practical, cost-effective and results-driven legal solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs. We understand that our clients have their own objectives, and our representation is tailored to meet those specific needs. Our practice is administered with the goal of providing quality legal services, while reducing legal fees, costs and overhead through the use of innovative technology and alternative fee arrangements.

Eandi Law Group serves its clients by providing advice and counsel on an array of legal issues with an eye towards future growth by managing and reducing legal risks. Whether our retention involves a general risk assessment or analysis of a discrete legal issue, Eandi Law Group provides its clients with comprehensive opinions and recommendations. The front-end cost of preventative legal counseling often dwarfs in comparison to the cost of waiting until there is a controversy.

Eandi Law Group also works with its clients in evaluating and executing a broad range of individual and business transactional matters. We advise our clients as to the applicable laws and the inherent risks and benefits of the transaction. Moreover, we work with our clients individually in understanding their motivations and objectives to structure transactions that are appropriate in accomplishing their individual goals.

If a dispute arises, Eandi Law Group is experienced in complex state and federal court litigation, in addition to alternative dispute resolution remedies. Eandi Law Group deploys innovative technology that promotes efficiency and collaboration during the litigation process. Specialized litigation management software, extensive online legal research databases and secure cloud-based document servers are just some of the ways we work more efficiently and reduce overhead.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence