About Us

ElasticM2M provides a highly scalable IoT (Internet of Things) analytics Platform as a Service that accelerates product launch into any IoT market. Our team has built products for both real-time asset tracking and big data analytics markets and have developed the most scalable platform available today to manage connected products, track real-time sensor data, control remote actuators and most importantly mine business intelligence.

You can bring your own device, create your own UI or reseller brand's through our branding portal. We provide all the alerting, notification, analytics, mobile apps, geo-spacial functionality, device and customer management enabling companies to reduce development efforts, minimize cost and risk, accelerating market launch of IoT applications.

We also offer forward and reverse geo-coding as a service.

The team are veteran's in the real-time asset tracking market leading development of multiple platforms that have supported over 1.5 million devices.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence