About Us

Electric Torque Machines, Inc. (ETM) designs, develops and manufactures a unique class of electric motors based on transverse flux technology. Our motors are used in a range of applications. The core engineering team at ETM has spent over 6 years developing and optimizing our technology in conjunction with world leading customers, with performance characteristics that make our motors unbeatable for certain applications.

We are majority owned and managed by TN2, LLC, a private equity firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona that has successfully grown a number of technology product based companies into market leaders. We employ a lean, agile and customer centric philosophy both in our corporate culture and also our technology manufacturing and development. While the core of our business is production motor development and manufacturing, we also work closely with customers seeking to optimize or develop production motors for their particular systems needs, and also collaborate with customers on new motor development programs to enable product growth where current catalogue motor suppliers or standard motor technologies cannot not offer a suitable solution. In many cases, our motor technology is a significant catalyst for customers seeking to expand markets or market share.