About Us

eLingual.Net's mission is to promote worldwide happiness through happy translators, interpreters and clients.

For the professional translator and interpreter, this means fair fees, no job bidding and the freedom to turn their services into a sustainable business. For the clients, this means having access to ethical, quality and professional services, and the job of helping support the services of professionals worldwide.

At eLingual.Net, we believe we can improve how clients, translators and interpreters connect. Beta since 2013, we understand the importance for our company to operate transparently and know that you want to join a network that works hard to integrate fair and ethical practices into all that they do. Our efforts are focused on making sure our members are happy and that we operate in a manner that is consistent with our brand values, quality and professionalism.

eLingual.Net connects professional translators and interpreters with a network of global quality and ethically conscious clients, by providing a platform to market and sell their services.

In a profession where there are so many unqualified translators/interpreters, middlemen, machine and crowd-sourced translations, it is difficult to know who actually does the translations and under what conditions.

eLingual.Net empowers clients by providing them with the information they need to make more conscious choices. It gives clients the choice to say no to 'language-sweatshops', poor quality and unfair fees, while encouraging them to use their wallets to vote for a happier world. eLingual.Net empowers professionals to build successful business from their services. eLingual.Net uses a completely transparent system where translators and interpreters have control over their services. They are free to raise or lower their own fees.


Business size

1-10 employees