About Us

Founded in 2011, eNow’s proprietary solar power systems are designed to reduce fuel costs for the trucking industry, improve fleet logistics and satisfy increasingly stringent and costly anti-idling and emissions regulations. The Company’s systems provide its customers with payback periods from fuel savings alone ranging from 1 to 2 years depending on the application.

While many potential applications for the Company’s technology exist, management is focused on the commercial trucking industry because of its large size and because the Company’s value proposition to these customers is so strong. This industry needs eNow’s solution and offers easy access to leading industry participants who lack competitive alternatives. The Company is already generating revenues from the sale of its systems to the trucking industry. Specifically, the Company designs, develops, integrates and markets its proprietary solar-based renewable energy systems comprised of photo-voltaic modules and control systems for medium and heavy-duty trucks, commercial buses, school buses and emergency vehicles. Applications range from 25-watt battery charging systems for telematics, security and safety systems up to 5,400-watt systems capable of powering devices such as lift-gates, HVAC climate control systems and trailer refrigeration systems.

eNow’s solar panels are contract manufactured to its own specifications as components for its systems. Thus, the Company does not have the technology and commodity risks of a solar panel manufacturer. The Company’s technology is proven (on vehicles for over three years). eNow’s business model is flexible, scalable and adaptable to changing market conditions.

Business size

1-10 employees