About Us

Our mission is to fund, support, and acknowledge environmental research projects on a global level.

Environmental Research Advocates (ERA) is a global, non-profit foundation. Each and every day environmental researchers see glimmers of hope in their research. However, many of these promising ideas and projects are unable to flourish because of lack of funding. It is this knowledge that propelled Terry and Denise Avchen to take action. ERA Science's goal is to bring financing and worldwide recognition to noteworthy projects that will sustain the environment.

Annually, two exceptional projects will receive a monetary prize based upon the ERA Advisory Board's recommendations.

The ERA Science Advisory Board will select an annual "Global Top 50" projects. These 50 projects will be highlighted on the website, touted through ERA social media efforts and other marketing. On the ERA Science website, each project will have a succinct description along with a link to the scientists/researchers work.

Business size

1-10 employees