About Us

E Green Group was founded by Nicholas Blaise Koch, a LEED certified general contractor and Passive House consultant with 15 years of construction experience. Nick's experience as a project manager for sustainable building solutions includes pioneering the first LEED-Platinum assisted living facility in the country, as well as the nation’s first LEED-Platinum urban infill project. E Green Group built the first Passive House in Texas, which was also the first Passive House retrofit in the nation.

Nick started E Green Group with idea that the innovations of the sustainable building movement can be merged with the equity movement, so that advances in green building can benefit more communities. E Green Group is interested in innovative building science that reduces environmental impact and improves living conditions for all income levels.

The Passive House method is a proven, super insulation construction style that drastically reduces heating and cooling costs through nearly eliminating the amount of air leaving the house that is not purposefully redirected through a heat-exchanger. This, while increasing initial costs slightly, reduces electricity bills by 60-80%. This, we believe that is the future of green construction, and our company provides the technical skills and the know how to put you at the front of the green revolution.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence