About Us

Estate Management Solutions is a company based in Irving Texas that is dedicated to improving the lives of those who have little time on their hands and need someone to get things done for them. We can either work on your schedule or motivate you to accomplish tasks quicker.

EMS is not a placement agency, housekeeping agency, general contractor; we are a unique company dedicated to de-cluttering your life, and taking care of the random tasks that consume your personal time.

Just an example of what we can do for you:
-Personal Assistant Tasks
-Professional Household Binders
-Construction Management
-Household Organization and/or Inventory
-Butler Services
-Event Planning & Management
-Housekeeping plan designed for your home and your needs

Our rates are based on your needs and your budget. If your home is 30,000 square feet or only 1,000, there are things we can do to make your life easier, more fluid and possibly save you money. If we run into a task that we are not capable of handling, in the interest of a genuine relationship, we will be honest with you and help find someone that can.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence