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More than 90% of people that join a gym do it to lose weight. Even though the combination of proper nutrition and exercise is shown to be 4.5X more effective than exercise alone for weight loss, because of strict scope of practice restrictions, personal trainers have not been able to properly address their clients' nutrition needs. With Evolution Nutrition meal planning software, fitness professionals finally have the comprehensive, web-based tool they need to start delivering the nutrition solutions their clients demand, while remaining within their defined scope of practice. The Evolution Nutrition system makes delivering individualized meal planning, as easy as logging in. Grow your business and bottom line with the fitness nutrition software designed by fitness professionals and backed by Registered Dietitians.

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• No Additional Education or certification needed
• Deliver over 800 professional meal plans for a 4.5X more effective solution
• Fully customize your clients’ menu plans to suit their unique needs and goals
• Track your clients’ success using the power of this web-based professional nutrition software

Increase referral business, increase revenue, and give your clients the results they demand now with Evolution Nutrition menu planning software.

Business size

26-100 employees