About Us

Whatever it is that you do...We help you do it better!

Since 1997 Ex3 has helped the world's leading companies and government organizations improve their performance. We help our clients become more efficient through strategic consulting, process definition and refinement, change management and design, development and implementation of robust software systems.

We are all about efficiency.

Ex3 specializes in Lean Management Systems analysis and implementation and the design, development and implementation of enterprise software systems to enable the full potential of optimized efficiencies.

Ex3 offers cloud SaaS and SaaP ERP Platforms for our customers:

Ex3 QEHS - Includes over 30 integrated modules that manage virtually every aspect of Environment, Health Safety Security and Productivity in a global context. Typically used by large international Corporations and government agencies for total integrated Management of Occupational Health, Wellness, Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Ex3 Behavioral Health Platform - A Cloud SaaP that interlinks all community providers and care teams across agencies for better optimized management of Behavioral Health and related services.

Ex3 Transportation and Logistics Platform - Full management of global trucking, shipping and transport activities for logistics providers.

Ex3 Sports Management and Science Platform - Manages the needs of Olympic and Professional Sports organizations in tracking Athletes, optimizing athletic performance and efficiently managing the organization's processes.

Ex3 Education Platform - Cloud based management of School and University operations and online deliver of educational content. A complete LMIS used by Schools and professional associations for the orderly dissemination of eduction to students and constituents.