About Us

Executive Placement Partners was founded in January 2014 by a former 18+ year Executive Director of a national staffing company. Our reputation is built upon excellence in service for both clients and candidates. Your personnel needs are far too important to trust to those who have never performed the job functions of candidates they are screening on your behalf. Our recruiters have worked in the industries we staff, and can therefore differentiate with first-hand knowledge between qualified candidates and those who are not. We also have a unique business model of actually partnering with our recruiters to ensure all have a vested interest in doing the best job possible for both clients and candidates.

We are a green company, with a far smaller carbon footprint than traditional brick & mortar agencies. Our unique business model allows our personnel to work from home offices versus traditional office buildings. With elimination of commuting and increased available productive time to work your orders, our model has also been structured to nonetheless provide a team environment and the sharing of national resources, to benefit both clients and candidates. This environmentally friendly approach has the added benefit for our clients of reducing unnecessary overhead, which allows EPP to offer exceptional cost savings in terms of lower rates while simultaneously providing all necessary and traditional industry resources for our personnel to ensure they do the best possible job for you at a reasonable price point. The principles of our business have remained steadfast with each of us through the years - rapid and on-point recruiting & screening while following all ethical and traditional guidelines. We DO NOT recruit from our clients.