About Us

Extreme Scale Solutions LLC was founded on the belief that ease of use, speed, scalability, reliability, security, and energy efficiency will amalgamate the fields of High Performance Computing and Big Data into a single discipline. We invest in future IT capabilities. Our culture puts people, talent, and customer relations first, and markets and products second.

We are a software development company focused on researching, validating, and building high performance solutions for extreme scale data and compute problems.

The scientific method is the foundation of our ideology and the basis of our research. We investigate, compare, and develop new approaches to solve problems demanding scale on compute resources and data tiers.

Next generation products that create tangible business value and generate solid return on investment require deep understanding of customer problems and commercial validation. We continuously search for new challenges across various industries. We provide advisory and development services to our strategic partners by combining the academic rigor of our talented team with impeccable project execution discipline and the latest development tools. Our firm is ideally positioned to support Proof of Concept projects and assist with strategies for paradigm shifting IT journeys.

Our long-term focus is to develop high quality products that are easy to use and solve real world problems. Our Product Development strategy takes Cloud and Software-as-a-Service to the next conceptual level. Current Cloud and Big Data strategies are infrastructure-centric. Instead, we operate with the entire solution stack and scope. Our tools and products use the latest interface technologies, inherit attributes of both Big Data and High Performance Compute strategies, and are proven to deliver results in real life environments.