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Fizz Creative is an award-winning design and branding studio run by Jasen and Katie Melnick in Cleveland, Ohio. After working various design positions, we still found ourselves wanting to do more projects that excited our passions. Combining our unique talent for patterns, branding, packaging, and ideas, we decided to strike out on our own. We got the name while talking over a pint of beer, and realized that Fizz was a natural choice for people who love beer, wine, and design.

We love the work we do because we work with people who feel the same—anyone who is passionate, genuine, and not simply out to make a quick buck. Most of our work is for non-profits and small businesses, but we also collaborate with other designers on passion projects. The most important thing for us is to create work that is meaningful. We strive to help make the world a more beautiful place through intelligent, meaningful design.

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1-10 employees

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