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Flood Atlanta deals with water cleanup, flood cleanup, water restoration, and sewage damage on a daily basis. Are we in a drought? Dry land contracts causing separation points. These cracks create a channel to direct sudden water from rainstorms towards foundations, basements, and crawlspaces.Flooded basements in are oftentimes a surprise to a homeowner. Many leave town for a nice vacation only to return home to a few inches of standing water or a squishy carpet that needs water sucked out of it. Here is a list of probable causes: toilets that get flushed as the last person is leaving. The toilet handle gets stuck down and something clogs the toilet. This situation is the most common cause of a basement flooding. Toilets backing up is sometimes called a sewage spill or raw sewage damage that needs to be cleaned up. Another cause is a busted water heater. Water heaters need to be drained annually to prevent silt and sand from causing points of corrosion on its internal parts. Silt and sand attached to internal parts is where the corrosion can begin. Leaky pipes can be caused by an old nail hammered into a pipe during the initial construction. This sometimes happen when kitchen cabinets get installed. Rainwater is another cause of flooded basement. Well drained homes are not immune to such an instance. A bird's nest can clog downspouts that redirect water around your home. Land animals can find a cozy spot to nest in a french drain or downspout after a long no-rain drought. Actively in the news today are instances of rainwater flooding basements. Once you notice that there is a problem of standing water damage or even just squishy carpet, be sure not to touch any lamps, light switches, or pipes overhead. There is risk of electrical shock.Recent rainfall amounts here in Metro Atlanta has caused flooded basements and crawlspaces and are a very poignant reminder that flood damage can happen quickly just like we experienced in the September floods of 2009.Due to those storms, we experienced many calls for flooded crawlspaces. Our technicians applied water restoration trade secrets and dried out wet carpet, squishy carpet, drywall, insulation, and flooded basements. Don't tear it our; dry it out. Who to call if my basement floods? Who to call when my basement floods? Call Flood Atlanta (678) 919-9144.

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