About Us

We’re dedicated to partnering with business leaders to create cultures that achieve your desired results, where communication is clear and concise and productive employees act as a unified force to achieve defined goals and maximize profits.

We create a customized plan for each business that includes services from 3 main categories

1. Individual Leadership Coaching: You know from experience as a business leader that it’s not always enough to tell someone to act differently. Some of your team will know and understand what they need to do but won’t be able to follow through without support.
We use powerful questions to get at the real “whys” of how our clients lead and communicate. From there we swiftly identify the barriers to reaching full potential and create the roadmap for authentic change.

2. Professional Recruiting: We work diligently to Pursue, Attract and Retain that right person, not just of skills but also personality and key behaviors. We don’t subscribe to the warm body approach!

3. Culture Correction: many variables combine to create the human environment in which you conduct your work. That resulting culture is either working for you or against. We’ll analyze your current situation, design a strategy to correct the issues we uncover and will help you execute that strategy so that you achieve your goals.

How can we assist YOU?
Visit us at focusforwardcoaching.com or send an email to info@focusforwardcoaching.com let’s start the discussion now and get you on your way to meeting your full business potential.
We look forward to working with you!

We will Help You:

Eliminate Workplace Drama
Strengthen Accountability & Follow-Through
Transform Your Leadership
Align Salary & Bonus Plans
Create Cohesive, Productive Teams
Generate “Right-Hiring”
Improve Communication
Decrease Anger & Stress
Put Customers/Patients First
Skyrocket Your Profits

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence