About Us

Specializing in audio services. We are the strong choice in recording, mixing & mastering audio. Forte Studios has the capabilities and equipment to record a large band or an aspiring vocalist. In addition, we can convert audio from various medias into analog or digital format. In addition, our audio forensic capabilities are used within the legal community for civil and criminal cases.

"Our mission is to provide the highest quality product at the best value for the customer".

Located in central Iowa is a new state of the art 2,800 square feet building, carefully engineered to ensure the highest fidelity and clarity in audio recording.

We work hard to apply a scientific method and approach, because we want to make sure the audio traveling through the signal chain is perfect. In this regard, we aren't trying to fix mistakes, rather enhance the audio through the use of amazing plugins & effects. This is the true advantage of recording in our studio, which is designed for audio recording, as opposed to someone's pro-tools garage, house, or basement project.

Without question... it is important to have an audio team that the client can communicate with. Our employees have backgrounds in audio engineering and are performing & recording musicians. -We understand the details and dynamics it takes to create high quality music & audio products.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence