About Us

Foxy Machine provides solutions to every day problems through the use of our artificial intelligence system (neural networks).

Our system recognizes hidden repeating patterns in datasets and we use this information to make highly accurate forecasts. Similar to the human learning process, artificial neural networks can be designed to learn patterns from exposure to repeated examples of those patterns. This repeated exposure allows neural networks to generalize conclusions about related but previously unseen patterns.


OLIVER CHRISTIE, Digital Strategy and Marketing

Oliver provides strategic management of Foxy Machine's sales and product development, distribution channels, marketing communications (including advertising and promotions), and market research.

STEVEN SALDANA, Product and Business Development

Steven conceptualizes Foxy Machine's discrete projects, specific modes of growth, organizational units, activities, and practices. He understands our evolving audience and determines how to use technology to elevate the effectiveness of our solutions.

MARCO RAMON, Chief Data Scientist

Our Chief Data Scientist, he is the co-creator of our neural networks. With a deep understanding of natural language processing, machine learning, conceptual modeling, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling, he manages the heartbeat of our technology.

JON HANON, Data Scientist

Jon, co-creator of our neural networks, works very closely with our Chief Data Scientist. Jon has the ability to understand the products we are developing and thus translates these business rules to enable us to refine our neural networks.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence