About Us

The Story of Future Worth

The idea for Future Worth has been in the pre-development stage since 2002 with several individuals dedicating time to research, involvement in other organizations to gain best practices and crowd sourcing to develop an approach that addresses the core problems facing at risk youth populations. Our research has found that the majority of programs start too late to negate the years of inadequate support for these youth resulting in marginal success rates.

Starting as an idea based on experiences working with at risk youth populations by several friends, Future Worth has grown into a nonprofit organization focused on making a difference in the lives of these youth and changing the approaches used in engaging this population.

Where We Are Going

Future Worth is working towards implementing a full spectrum of programs that target youth at different touch points during their academic careers with a goal of providing a facility and operations that would provide continual support and interaction with the youth throughout their education including college or vocation certification.

Future Worth sees the need for providing a safe space for youth to come for academic support, after school activities, leadership development, support systems and services for them and their families including services for youth who become homeless during their education. We wish to serve as a member of the youths family and their community in providing these services.

The Future

Future Worth has set forth with each and every initiative that it will take on that the long term goal is to position the organization as a permanent part of the community through creating an endowment large enough to support the organization and then utilizing fundraising to provide grants to partner organizations that provide needs to our community.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence