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About Us

Generation Schools Network™ is the first in the nation to implement public school solutions that expand learning time, reduce core class size, transform college and career guidance, integrate blended learning and increase common planning and training time for all teachers. GSN accomplishes this and more -- through cost-effective strategies while seeking to operate within key parameters of teacher contracts.

Generation Schools Network leverages the following evidence-based strategies in the model:
 Smaller class sizes and longer learning blocks in core subjects.
 Technology supported instruction in each classroom to differentiate and personalize learning.
 A school culture committed to college and career preparation.
 Dedicated time for health and wellness supports.
 More time for daily teacher collaboration and regular high quality professional development.

GSN's model and professional team prepares students and teachers for success:

 Building Academic Competencies in Foundation & Studio Courses -- Classes are scheduled in 90-minute blocks with class sizes that are up to 40% smaller than averages.

 Building Professional Competencies through a College & Career Readiness Program -- The GSN model re-invents college/career guidance through unique Intensive Courses. These hands-on opportunities link learning to life, reinforcing the relevance of core academics.

 Building Personal Competencies through dedicated Health & Wellness Programming -- The GSN model offers a multidimensional student wellness program that leverages three strategies -- advocacy, community referrals, and community partners.

 Providing opportunities for professional development and coaching for teachers -- Teachers are given the time they need to participate in conferences, collaborate with their peers, and use student data to differentiate instruction and personalize learning.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence