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About Us

Since 2008 Golden Group International, Ltd, located in New York State, has been dedicated to the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products for the disposal of personal hygiene items in public restrooms. Our innovative product line, S.A.C., “Socially Acceptable Containment”, includes degradable, sealable, plastic, disposal bags for a variety of purposes including baby diapers, feminine hygiene items, adult incontinence products, and non hazardous medical waste.

S.A.C. by Golden Group International: degradable, plastic disposal bags, dispensers and receptacles for the disposal of sanitary wipes, sanitary napkins and tampons, diapers and personal hygiene items.

Golden Group International strives to meet the disposal needs of women in public restrooms wherever they may be located such as restaurants, schools, hotels, hospitals and various other entities. Offering women proper discreet and sanitary disposal methods have been lacking for decades. Displaying a Do Not Flush sign is not a disposal method, however this is the only option many facilities business offer their female guests and employees.

Smart GreenGolden Group International offers an opportunity for businesses to pursue green initiatives and at the same time maintain the utmost sanitation and cleanliness standards while reducing costs. S.A.C. products are designed to minimize the dangers associated with the improper disposal of hygiene products prevalent in the average restroom and facilities, promoting the well being of customers, patients and employees alike.

To make S.A.C. a household name, to educate society about what is generally a sensitive subject, to reduce maintenance costs, to reduce cross contamination and to create better understanding of all resources and how to protect them.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence