About Us

Golden Hill Foods is a premium spice importer and provider of high quality customized spice blends and ingredients to its growing customer base in the meat manufacturing and food service industries. Golden Hill Foods has its headquarters in Chicago, with auxiliary facilities in Johnsburg, Illinois, and Shanghai. Golden Hill Foods is known for its flavor matching, custom blending, high quality, safe products and excellent customer service.

Golden Hill Foods forms critical partnerships with overseas suppliers to bring quality ingredients directly to middle market companies, bypassing several layers of distribution normally found in the ingredient import and distribution industry. By dealing directly with its network of overseas supplier/partners, Golden Hill Foods can pass along savings to customers without sacrificing food safety and product traceability. Simply put, Golden Hill Foods offers a more efficient distribution model for ingredients, blends, soup bases and new flavor concepts.

At Golden Hill Foods, we continually strive to be regarded as one of the very best value-added flavor ingredient companies in the United States. Our mission is to serve our customers with quality, flavor expertise, unsurpassed reliability, market knowledge and insight.

Business size

1-10 employees