About Us

Good Measure Meals™ makes it easy to eat healthy and enjoy gourmet food every day.

We are a fresh, local alternative to the frozen or dehydrated meals you get from other national “diet” plans. Our chefs and dietitians collaborate and take into account the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association and the USDA to create four-week menus that are unique and that incorporate a wide variety of influences and healthy ingredients. We want our customers to know that healthy food can be tasty and satisfying!

And that is just the beginning. Our culinary dietitian works closely with our chefs to ensure the meals taste great. They incorporate fresh produce and USDA-inspected meats and never add preservatives. The creative recipes developed by our team ensure variety and the right balance of nutrients. We update our menus twice each year in order to feature seasonal favorites in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter menus.

Each of the four, seasonal menus offered by Good Measure Meals™ are on a four-week rotation, ensuring lots of variety. They adhere to a healthy balance of 22-25% protein, 27-30% healthy fat and 45-48% consistent health promoting carbohydrates. All of our meal plans are:

COMPLETE meals - no need to purchase additional side items
Always FRESH - never frozen or dehydrated
High Fiber and Low Glycemic
Low Fat with zero artificial trans fat
Balanced daily to ensure CONSISTENT calories and carbohydrates

Our plans are perfect for weight loss, healthy eating, convenience, and management of chronic illnesses like diabetes. We make healthy eating easy, affordable and delicious.

Business size

101-500 employees