About Us

Grape Solar is the low cost leader in providing high quality solar panels. We are headquartered in Eugene Oregon. If you would like more info please call or e-mail us at info@grapesolar.com or (877) 264-1014.

With a consortium of contract manufactures, a network of qualified installers and various retail distribution channels, Grape Solar is revolutionizing the solar industry. By establishing reciprocal relationships with installers and passing the rewards of cost efficient strategies on to our customers, Grape Solar is making solar energy an economical choice.

We knew it would take a unique set of services to revolutionize the solar industry, so that’s exactly what we offer.

- No minimum order quantities
- Tremendous production capacity
- Just-in-time delivery
- Competitive per-watt pricing
- Enthusiastic customer service
- Diverse product assortment
- Extended warranties

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence