About Us

Gray Birch Services LLC provides a roster of seasoned professionals ready to serve as designated or independent directors on corporate boards or in other fiduciary roles.

Gray Birch's roster of professionals can act:

• As designated Directors on behalf of hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, BDCs and other financial institutions
• As Independent Directors for corporations
• On behalf of LLCs, SPVs, Investment Funds, Non-Profits and other entities
• On behalf of Onshore and Offshore entities
• As Board Observers, Oversight Board and Committee Members
• As Representatives on Lender, Creditor and/or Equity Committees.

Gray Birch remains involved for the duration of the assignment and offers Directors secure communication and collaborative tools.

Gray Birch can arrange unique supplementary D&O Insurance coverage that is personal to the Director and portable to other assignments with consent.


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence