About Us

Haas-Anderson Construction is a civil construction company that operates within a 75 mile radius of Corpus Christi, Texas.
The majority of the Haas-Anderson's work is for the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Corpus Christi. HAC also performs work for federal, other municipal, and educational public entities as well as privately funded developers, building contractors, and commercial property owners.
The company's largest project, a $46 million highway extension for the Texas Department of Transportation is currently underway. HAC has successfully completed hundreds of projects, varying in size from $400 thousand to $40 million. The company typically pursues work that starts at about $500 thousand.
HAC self performs about 80% of its contracts, controlling significant assets to effectively prosecute earth and base work, paving operations, concrete structural work and storm drainage. Specialty trades such as erosion control, utilities, electrical, signage, striping and barricades are subcontrcted, often to DBE contractors.

Commercial presence