About Us

Harmony Ponds is an award-winning design/build firm with twenty years of experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of ponds, fountains, splash parks, waterfalls, streams, storm water management ponds, and related systems for commercial and residential clients.

Harmony Ponds specializes in:
• Designing and installing residential and commercial water features.

• Waterfall and garden pond installation, emphasizing the artistic placement of large boulders to create a dramatic, natural setting.

• Water handling systems for fountains, splash parks and water features including ornamental and koi ponds, utilizing the latest technology in biological filtration, ultra-violet sterilization, and energy-efficient pump systems.

• Water quality management for large ornamental and storm water management ponds including floating fountains and laminar flow aeration systems; consulting on habitat design, aeration, and filtration.

• Year-round professional care of commercial and residential water features by our Maintenance Division.

Harmony Ponds is dedicated to artistry and quality in the design, construction, and maintenance of water features.

We stand by our work.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence