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About Us

Haystac is a Boston-based company that was launched in 2011 to help enterprises analyze and classify vast amounts of unstructured, text-based Big Data.

Our mission is to unleash the power of content.

Today, Fortune 1000 companies as well as state, county and local governments, look to Haystac to save time and money across a multitude of document-based business processes and their information governance initiatives.

Content Intelligence is described as unstructured data that is accurately and automatically categorized in a way that is repeatable, quantifiable and defensible.

Haystac Indāgō (Latin verb meaning to hunt, to track, to investigate) is a comprehensive, language agnostic and massively scalable software solution that helps companies understand and more effectively leverage their content intelligence from emails, electronic documents (600+ file types), scanned documents and drawings.

• It uses a proprietary application of a technology called supervised machine learning
• It is deployed as a fully managed software appliance (SaaS-Subscription based) behind the corporate firewall or in the cloud
• It Updates-in-Place Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) with quality metadata
• It accurately identifies and classifies relevant content across any data source (ERP, File Servers, Google drive, email servers, etc.)
• It uses proprietary application of scalable visual classification technologies for data point extraction from scanned documents, thus going beyond the limitations of legacy OCR technology
• It satisfies the high accuracy requirements for the defensible disposition of content

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence