About Us

Headwater Foods is upstate New York’s award winning Food Hub focused on local, organic, farm fresh foods. The Headwater Food Hub actively manages the supply chain logistics, aggregation, distribution, and sales of local, sustainable, source-identified, top-quality foods from our network of partner farms and from local food producers.

Headwater Foods connects local farms with businesses and organizations by providing the infrastructure, supply chain logistics and innovation required to deliver consistently fresh, local, and great tasting products while cultivating a sustainable food system.

The mission of Headwater Foods is to develop, in partnership with farmers and aligned with community and regional needs, as a socially and environmentally responsible, top quality food distribution company.

The Good Food Collective, a project of Headwater Foods, is a year-round program providing individuals and families with access to this area’s best local, sustainable food. Their fresh, sustainable, local food is distributed to many different locations in the greater Rochester area for our members' convenience. The Good Food Collective is a Community Food Enterprise creating a value-filled, year-round supply chain of local, sustainable foods for the greater Rochester area. We are committed to joining with others and working towards a more socially and environmentally just food system and the individual, social, economic, and ecological health of our community.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence