About Us

HealingSpace is an integrative medical practice offering a unique blend of multidimensional health care, offering both holistic medical appointments as well as energy healing sessions

While Dr. Marilyn Mitchell draws upon her years experience as a medical doctor and holistic practitioner to offer intuitive holistic medical appointments, her team of professional energy healers also offer energy healing sessions. We also offer healings at a distance internationally via Skype or phone.

Some of the ailments we address include:

- Cancers
- Autoimmune Disorder
- Thyroid Disorders
- IBS and other GI Disorders
- Fatigue Syndromes
- Fibromyalgia
- Hormone Disorders
- Adrenal Fatigue or Strain
- Depression and Anxiety Disorders
- Other conditions that have been difficult to diagnose and treat

HealingSpace’s healers work with challenging cases and have achieved profound results using high-level EnergyTouch energy work. All healers have been through an intensive credentialing process that gives them the expertise necessary to incorporate healing into medical settings. For more information on energy healing, call 847-304-5526 to speak with a HealingSpace counselor

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence