About Us

we are a medical marijuana collective serving the needs of our patients here in Stanislaus county. Hemp House Collectives mission is to provide you, the patient, with one on one quality health care. At HHC we will educate patients on the positive and adverse effects of marijuana. What are recommended Proper dosing amounts. We measure this by
percentages/strength & milligrams/weight relevant to the patients medical condition. We educate patients on How to grow, whether for personal consumption or for the collective. Hemp House actively participates in legislative measures and as educators we keep members informed on current legislative reform policies and what they mean to you. As a Non Profit Corporation we help educate the community as a whole. We provide high quality organic medicine(s) as a means to wellness management. Our policy is customer satisfaction. We offer exchange or refund if dissatisfied.Give us a call at 209 324 5677 or visit our website at: hemphousecollective.com .

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