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About Us

We organize brand communication for marketers targeting the multicultural consumer from concept to execution and measurement. We translate your marketing and advertising for the changing face of the American consumer. We leverage television, radio, print, outdoor, online and guerrilla media to build brand experiences that evoke action from your customer.

At Highbrid, we prescribe to a hyperlocal targeted approach. By focusing our efforts in smaller geographies (or ethnic enclaves) where our client’s target market is highly concentrated, we have been successful at realizing exponential return on investment, creating tremendous value for our clients. With the emergence of social and digital media, the competition for consumer attention is fierce. We help our clients understand exactly how to deliver their message when and where their targeted multicultural consumer is most likely to be receptive

When UniverSoul Circus wanted to expand their brand beyond being just “The Black Circus,” they called Highbrid. We helped them sell out 87% of shows in the market an increase of 19% over the previous year and a 8% increase in Caribbean American attendance.

When MetroPCS needed to solidify its marketshare among value driven ethnic consumers, they called Highbrid. By developing a customer rewards system Metro not only withstood impending competitors they gained ground on industry leaders like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to the tune of 2% marketshare in NY metro.

These are REAL case studies with real trackable results. Will it be YOUR STORY that we will be so excited to share with others. When are you available to meet to discuss the next step?

Business size

1-10 employees