About Us

Based in Bozeman Montana Hoplite Industries, Inc. was founded in 2013 to develop beyond next-generation cloud and network security technologies. Recognizing that traditional security technologies can no longer keep pace in the current threat landscape, Hoplite set out to solve two fundamental IT security challenges that have kept network defenders at a technological disadvantage for years:

Breach Detection: Delivering more reliable, in-depth threat detection methods without impacting application performance.

Breach Response: Developing real-time, cloud-based methods of orchestrating security across an entire commodity network without requiring additional or specialized hardware.

Hoplite’s first generation cloud security platform, Active Network Defense (AND), is powered by a patent-pending Behavioral Threat Detection Engine and backed by a standards-based Security-Defined Network orchestration framework. To date, the multi-tenant AND platform has proven itself successful against known and emerging network, malware and DDoS threats and is poised to deliver new levels of network security. Although modern security presents numerous technical challenges, some extreme, Hoplite’s mission remains simple; deliver the tools required to maintain the security and sovereignty of our customers in the 21st century.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence