About Us

HORIZON PARTNERS VENTURES LLC: We match the product benefits and needs of markets to validate new growth for our clients. We create agreements with universities, companies and entrepreneurs to commercialize early stage technologies.

• Survey & Scout University-based Technologies:
We assess universities’ technologies that have significant potential to solve problems and bring them to commercialization by serving heretofore unmet needs of markets.

• De-Risk the Investment:
Our proprietary algorithmic method, an extension on P&G’s validated tool for new initiative creation, decodes the apparent chaos of what the category will need next. Once the need/technology is found, we de-risk the process applying a rigorous process identifying the missing and unarticulated market needs. We couple that with a full IP estate assessment to provide a clear opportunity path forward.

• Develop Sources of Funding and Commercialization:
We seek funding for identified opportunities and projects through private capital, SBIR Grants and matching those commercial partners validated as potential users of the technology. This offloads for a company the initial sunk costs of front-end innovation development.

• Project Execution:
Once funding is attained, we provide the management oversight to assure execution of the project that takes the technology through the product development stage and preparation of a “go-to-market” strategy.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence