About Us

We are a pioneer in vertical farming economic research. Our mission is to expand and advance the use of vertical farming to feed an increasingly undernourished worldwide population in an environmentally sustainable and profitable fashion.

To do so, we grow and market produce and food products in our research farm to collect real-world economic metrics that are made available to third parties to help them succeed. We deliver the research through a world class team of experts that include our team as well as a virtual team of experts from around the world.

We began researching vertical farming in 2009 with the goal of unraveling the formula for commercial success. We are now nearing the point where a large-scale vertical farm can achieve financial success and anticipate the number of vertical farms being built to grow dramatically. We will help them chart their course with economic data and analysis derived from our real world marketing of vertically farmed products. Learn more by visiting www.hungry-planet-farms.com

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence