About Us

ICS Group helps customers use a streamlined project management process without needless complexity. We apply proven tools and techniques that are straightforward and ready to put in the hands of your people. Simplified Project Management—learn it today, apply it tomorrow.

Solution Suite:
From small departmental projects to major initiatives, projects carry out the business strategy of an organization. Our solutions suite helps clients build skills and a practical common approach for managing these projects.

Just Enough Project Management:
ICS Group puts just enough tools of project management in the hands of your greatest asset—your people. In 1-2 day experiential, onsite learning experiences, we craft the perfect knowledge base for people in all project roles and with different levels of expertise to improve project execution.

Project Team Support:
If you have a strategic project that must go well or an important project you sense is struggling or off-track, consider our Project Team solutions. In these facilitated sessions, your team will apply our proven process and tools directly to its project. Your project team will establish a well thought out project scope and plan for new projects, and stumbling projects will get back on track and start delivering immediate results.

PMP Training:
Workshops for the professional project manager are intended to boost the knowledge and increase the effectiveness of experienced project managers responsible for complex projects. Workshops are interactive, with small group exercises, large group discussions and engaging instructor facilitation.

For more information call us at 845-319-6451 or email us at clientservices@icsgrp.com.

Business size

26-100 employees

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