About Us

Inforce Technologies, a boutique strategy and technology consulting firm headquartered in Cleveland Ohio, helps clients maximize the business value delivered through their company's technology.

Every day, insurance carriers rely on the expertise, objectivity, dedication, and superior capabilities of our team members to deliver solutions and seize opportunities.

We combine a consultant’s unique problem-solving orientation, with deep technical knowledge and strong execution, to help clients achieve success in their most critical missions.

By combining our technology expertise with deep functional knowledge of the insurance life cycle, Inforce Technologies offers unparalleled support and critical synthesis between technology, business requirements, and resources.

Our dynamic team of highly skilled, experienced, and accountable onshore resources creates a noticeably different client experience. Every day we focus on making a noticeable difference by delivering solutions and capabilities to help you improve the day-to-day execution of your business strategy.

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Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence