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InforMedix is the leading resource for country-specific reports on medical device markets in emerging economies of the world.

1. For market entry and clarifying the local healthcare system: “Selling Medical Technology in Emerging Healthcare Markets”, explaining the workings of each foreign market and what it takes to increase local sales profitably.

2. For a read on how you are performing, in the customers’ eyes, in OUS markets: “Customer ViewPoint”, explaining what purchasers, clinicians, techs, and other end users are thinking and saying about each of their vendors and distributors.

Selling and Supporting Medical Technology in Emerging Healthcare Markets goes beyond the standard metrics of market size and growth rate. You will learn directly from the investigator’s first-hand experience:

 HOW the product evaluation, selection and approval process works in emerging markets
 WHO evaluates new market entrants and new product options
 WHY some non-domestic manufacturers succeed, and why others fail, to penetrate these emerging markets
 WHERE the money comes from: third-party payers, patients, healthcare systems or government agencies

Customer ViewPoint in Emerging Healthcare Markets reports on what customers are thinking and saying, in their own words.

 What do customers in each country say about your distributor’s performance?
 How are your competitors’ channels performing in each market?
 What do buyers and end-users want from foreign manufacturers?
 Sales and marketing practices that are working best in the local market.

Each report includes presentation and consultation meetings with the primary investigator, to apply market-specific information to your own product line and growth strategies.

Publication dates:
- Brazil: December, 2015
- Mexico: January, 2016
- Colombia, 2016
- India: March, 2016
- China: June, 2016
- Turkey: September, 2016

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