About Us

Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives, LLC (IEA) was formed in 2011, and chartered with building an integrated portfolio of energy and water infrastructure service companies. As our society grows larger and more complex every year, we rely on a vast array of interconnected systems to meet these complexities. IEA gathers together innovative leaders in engineering and construction services to meet the essential infrastructure requirements of tomorrow – today. Our approach features the use of flexibility and ingenuity to completely fulfill the customer service and project management needs of our clients.

We are developing this integrated services approach with the acquisition of companies that have established strong reputations in the construction industry – companies with experience in building large heavy civil, industrial, traditional power and renewable energy projects across North America with a long history of innovation in construction and project management techniques.

The IEA family of companies includes:
- IEA Renewable Energy
- IEA Engineering
- White Construction
- HB White Canada Corporation
- Remedial Construction Services (RECON)

Commercial presence