About Us

INNOVA is a multicultural communications agency with over 20 years of experience serving major international brands within the Hispanic markets in the US, Mexico and Latin America.

INNOVA offers comprehensive online and offline communication solutions, specifically designed to increase our clients’ sales revenues and strengthen the positioning of their brands.
How do we do it?
This is achieved through a careful analysis of the DNA of the brands and a clear understanding of all factors involved in the creation, development, launch, and marketing of products and services.

At INNOVA, we are aware of the great dynamism of today’s markets, as well as the challenges facing brands to grow, compete and transcend.
Similarly, we are very conscious that today’s consumers seek to identify, engage and acquire brands that give them a real sense of their lives.

That is why at INNOVA we engage deeply with each of the brands we serve; to identify and fully understand thei

Business size

1-10 employees