About Us

On InstaTee, you can access pics directly from your Instagram account, albums, or take a photo within the app. The app has a photo editor that allows you to adjust the saturation, contrast and brightness of your image, ten filters, and 25 templates, including several with spaces for text and overlays in trendy geometric patterns that turn even the most humdrum snapshot into an eye-catching abstract design. InstaTee also functions as a marketplace, with users given the option to make their designs available for purchase (prices are currently $19.95 for your own designs and $24.95 for shirts by other users). We will ship your custom InstaTee with in 24 hours. We hope people will turn InstaTee into a habit–the company wants to build up a base of users who create T-shirts on a daily basis before scaling up production. One nifty feature is the option to let other InstaTee users “remix” your core t-shirt design, creating a collaborative (and sometimes surprising) design process. In fact, We don't want InstaTee to just be a t-shirt retailer–we also want it to be a platform for budding designers.


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